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Diary of a Wedding Dress Boutique owner

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Dream job- too right! How incredible to work in a shop with such stylish dresses, with the most luxurious materials and we have direct contact with actual designers! We also have the opportunity to go to catwalks and fly around the world to bridal shows! We visit so many wedding venues, plan photoshoots and even travel to weddings abroad! Every girl's dream, right? Oh, and you get to dress up like a princess every day if you wish!

And other perks definitely include (of course) when brides say yes to their dress! They cry, you get totally emotional - how can’t you feel that emotion in the room- holding back the tears so you don’t look a right fool because they all think you ‘cry at everyone’ and ‘you have to say everyone looks nice!’ It’s actually not true! You know we do have to be very honest, it’s important for us that you actually find your dream gown- because if it is ‘the one’ you will absolutely radiate beauty and that reflects upon us! You will own that look, look the best you ever could and we have had an input in that - and that’s special and a true privilege to be part of!

Sometimes we may make suggestions to try something else, to add to the dress you think you love because we know that smile, that moment you stand that little taller, sometimes those tears! It’s special, and that’s us doing our job, making sure you’ve found your wedding dress!

A feeling I’ll never forget is the first time I chose the bride's dress, she’d looked through the rails and not even picked the gown- she’d tried several on and thought she’d found her dress- but I just knew it wasn’t quite ‘the one’! So off I went to show her the one she’d skipped past on the rails- ‘just try this on, you might not like it but just try it!’ Wow- it was perfect- the fit, length, colour- everything! It really was her dress, it looked like it’d been made for her! That was a special moment as a boutique owner- I chose that dress, the dress she’d marry her best friend in, the most important dress of her life, wow!

We’re slightly different in the way we look at things, our experience includes being there on many many wedding Mornings, seeing hundreds of brides in their actual gowns- the raw emotions, those ‘moments’ the fitting of the veil as you’re usually the first one to see the bride completely ready before the big reveal to her bridal party! It’s special and every time you’re asked to be part of a bride's big day it’s a privilege! We understand the whole process of weddings, we know the ups and downs, we completely sympathise with the stress of planning a wedding and the build-up of emotion right up until your day! And we are there for you, the whole way through!

We have a whole host of things to offer, not just our unique experience, we have handpicked dresses from some of the best designers there are to create the collections we have in the boutique. Our collection of accessories really is the fabulous quality which is so important from a hair expert's point of view, things most won’t consider are things like the way they fasten into your hair or the weight. If you didn’t already know, we are bridal hair experts too with many weddings under our belt in the UK and abroad, meaning we can be there on your wedding day to dress you too! We truly do love our job and being able to share those special experiences with you and we are so happy that it shows when you meet us and see how passionate we are about the wedding industry!

“Can I just say me and Mum haven't stopped raving about our visit to you on Thursday. You're attention to detail and kindness is second to none - we were blown away by how lovely you are and the beautiful accessories you have. Thank you for being you!“

Dec 2021

“Hello! I just want to say a MASSIVE thank you for everything you have done for me for the wedding. You helped me so much and made it such a smooth process for me and I loved every minute of it! Also a big thank you for everyone's hair, they looked amazing and loved mine!“

Aug 2021


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