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Over 200 wedding mornings and counting...

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

One thing that is for sure, I’ve been involved in many wedding mornings, buttoned many brides into their gowns and calmed a lot of nerves, and that’s all part of my role as your bridal hairdresser! I love that aspect of my job and that’s why I can’t wait to dress my first Gina Lou bride in her Gina Lou Bridal gown after perfecting her dream bridal hair, that for me, will be a moment to remember forever. Will you be that bride?


I’ve been a bridal hair expert for over 8 years after starting my career in hairdressing 13 years ago. I’ve been to many venues, created many bridal hair styles, seen hundreds of dresses, fitted some of the most incredible hair accessories and placed many beautiful veils! I love the bridal journey and it is a privilege to be a part of so many wedding mornings.

It's a privaledge

As a bridal supplier you really are lucky, you’re chosen above many others to contribute towards the perfect day for your bride. As a bridal supplier your role starts from that first contact, you become committed to a date, you learn all about your bride, you know their journey, their secrets, their likes and dislikes and most importantly, you help create the perfect day they’ve wished for their whole lives.

You have to be a perfectionist, you have to be passionate and love every aspect of what you provide because it’s a journey your brides will remember forever.

Is it too early for bubbles?

It usually starts very early, nerves are setting in, you have butterflies in your stomach, topped with the complete excitement about marrying your best friend - a moment you’ve dreamt about forever. First to arrive is often hair and makeup, everything is about coffee, breakfast, dressing robes and cute matching pjs! You will always have the mention bubbles? How early, is too early? From past experience, I don’t think that’s possible on a wedding morning! But make sure you keep hydrated and bare in mind registrars don’t like you to have too much to drink!

Fun and games, gifts and cards

Now the tears begin. Will you have a surprise gift from the groom or a thoughtful present from your bridal party? It’s always wise to think about when is best to have your makeup done... gift exchanges are tear jerkers...but, again so are flowers!! Honestly, at every wedding things get very emotional when the florist turns up. I think it’s when reality kicks in, it's usually only a couple of hours to go and time is ticking!

Five minutes of calm

Suddenly time disappears and it’s a mad rush to get everyone dressed, it’s not uncommon for the bride to feel overwhelmed and very nervous, I’ve had brides pacing, shaking, crying... it’s all normal! Your will be feeling such a huge range of emotions and often brides will want five minutes of calm and to escape and calm her nerves before getting dressed! This is usually time to grab the mother of the bride and for them to have their special moment dressing the bride away from the world for five minutes - a time to reflect, offer advice and share the love and bond of mother and daughter.

Suddenly you’re all grown up, you’re a bride about to marry your best friend with your a whole bridal party eagerly awaiting the big reveal. A day to remember forever, every moment special and everybody around you who you have chosen to experience your big day with you.

And so your married journey begins, the last few photographs, and you’re all ready to walk down the isle with your father.

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